Michael Bertiaux


Regarded by many as the most significant living occultist, Michael Bertiaux travelled to Haiti in 1964 where he worked with Voodoo priests who were already operating a fusion of European and Haitian esotericism and who sought an ambassador to bring their teachings to an international audience. Michael's crucial Haitian contact was Hector-Francois Jean-Maine, whose father Lucian-Francois Jean-Maine had travelled to Europe and the US where he worked with Papus and his milieu, and als students of Pascal Beverley Randolph.  Lucian-Francois may have already had strong Martinist lineage as the family lives in Leogane, Haiti where de Pasqually (the founder of the tradition) spent the last years of his life, initiating and then freeing the slaves on the plantation that he had inherited. Lucian-Francois passed on to his son Gnostic Catholic ordination, Memphis-Mizraim, Masonic and voodoo initiation and these were communicated to Michael.  The organisational vehicles Bertiaux developed were the Ordo Temple Orient Antiqua (O.T.O.A.) and the La Couleuvre Noire (L.C.N. - Cult of the Black Snake). Michael amalgamated these traditions with the Theosophy he first encountered through his parents, and the Great Brotherhood of God and Choronzon Club founded by Crowley's former student C.F. Russell, as Michael connected with members who continued the tradition after Russell abandoned sexual magic. He had important communications with Kenneth Grant of the Typhonian OTO and other members of the contemporary occult milieu. Aside from the O.T.O.A., L.C.N., G.'.B.'.G.'. and Choronzon Club Michael developed other vehicles for the teaching such as the Monastery of Seven Rays


Cagliostro, The Secret Lives, Vol.III, Media Print Editore 2022. Edited and produced by Roberto Migliussi. Each copy hand numbered, Large format paperback (19cm x 27cm)  309pp  91 coloured illustrations of Bertiaux's occult art.  Despite now being 86 years old, when most people are grateful just to collect a pension, the spirits are clearly assisting Michael Bertiaux achieve a vortex of creativity.  He shares his vision of these spirits with us, in this work. They tend to be contacted by means of séances (often using the spirits of important departed spiritualists as intermediaries. Bertiaux magically identifies with and embodies disincarnate (and once incarnate) beings. Thus he becomes a vector in the occult life current, transcending time and place, exploring wisdom and gnosis. Spiritualism is here entirely integrated with gnostic occultism.


This is the third and final volume of three which record his embodiment in modern Chicago of Alessandro Cagliostro, the kabbalist who founded Egyptian freemasonry, the overtly occult rite that was open to both men and women that developed into the rite of Memphis and Mizraim from whence the OTO was created.  This volume, much larger than the previous two, reproduces numerous records of séances etc. with striking and enigmatic paintings of the beings encountered. These suggest a degree of automatic drawing whereby it is the act of artistic creation that incarnates the beings.


One section of this book relates to the creation of a Golem, a magical servitor, to assist the practitioner in his or her endeavours. A grimoire of the Golem with sigils is given.


Chapter headings include:-


Cases Histories, the Narrative of Alex Cagliostro

The Explorations of Consciousness In and Out of magic and Gnosis

Tha Cagliostro Researches

The Historical Researches

Cagiostro's Evidence, The Séance

History of How I Do My Job as Alex Cagliostro

History of My Work, QBLH Roots

Rabbi Harry Waton

G-L-M-System Foundation of Management

G-L-M-Grimoire, Introduction of the Servitors of Alex Cagliostro

The Golem Grimoire papers, Introductory Ontology

Magical Diary….the Gnostic Construction of the Archetypal Tattwas

The Ontology of My Secret Life

Ontological Conclusions



Loosely enclosed Michael Bertiaux, Tattwas. 4pp leaflet. Presents four coloured illustrations recording Beriaux' vision of the nature of the four elements


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Twelve copies of this book are available with the original paintings that reproduced on its pages. These are





Cagliostro III book together with Séance Visitor, Study in Ektoplasm. A series of THREE related paintings executed in 2020 in gouche, mixed media and acrylic on a thick art paper. Small format (all three approximately 13cm x 18cm). All three signed twice  Order Reference MB-02   £900



Apas-Tattwa-ID. A watery being



Vayu-Tattwa-ID. An airy being



Prithiwi-Tattwa-ID. An earthy being




Cagliostro III book together with Infesto Tattwas. A series of FOUR related paintings all mixed media (including collage) on canvas, 2020. Manifestation of elemental forces including what appears to be automatically derived sigils and script. All signed twice    Order Reference MB-03   £1200


No.1 Earth Tattwa, (14cm x 21cm)



No.2 Water Tattwa, (13cm x 20.5cm)



No.3 Air Tattwa, (14cm x 20cm)



No.4 Fire Tattwa, (13cm x 21cm)







Cagliostro III book together with Etudes Séances (Séances Studies), "Spirit Helper" as "a Face in a Séance", gouache (opaque water colour), aquarelle (transparent watercolour and mixed media on canvas), (9.5cm x 16cm) 2020 Aside from the eyes and mouth, the painting has a silverish sheen. Signed twice.   Order Reference MB-04  £340








Cagliostro III book together with Das Grimoire Armadel No.3, Entity of Interpretation, ink, gouache and acrylic on papier carton. 2020 (11cm x 20cm) Signed twice. The Grimoire of Armadel was translated from French by MacGregor Mathers with a German edition, apparently referred to here, issued in 1985. The third spirit dealt with is Caphael who teaches an infinity of matters with great ability. This spirit guided John the Baptist in the desert and when performing baptisms in the river Jordan. Order Reference MB-05  £340







Cagliostro III book together with Energy Representation Zombi No.1127, gouache and acrylic on papier carton "bubble wrap" (ie the outer layer of padded envelope, the plastic bubblewrap removed but leaves traces on reverse. 2020 (13cm x 20cm) Signed twice. Order Reference MB-06  £340






Cagliostro III book together with Ectoplasmic Materialisation, Sex Magic Priest of Nim-Rod, gouache on paper carton 2020 (13cm x 15.5cm) Signed twice. Nimrod, the great grandson of Noah, built the Tower of Babel Order Reference MB-07  £340







Cagliostro III book together with painting titled Cagliostro II, Das Grimoire Armadel Spirit No. 12-4-A, gouache, acrylic and ink on papier carton. 2020. 11.5cm x 19.5cm.  Signed twice. The Grimoire of Armadel was translated from French by MacGregor Mathers with a German edition, apparently referred to here, issued in 1985. It is noted for invoking spirits that influence the practitioner's disposition. The meaning of "12-4-A" is unclear, but the 12th spirit dealt with is Hephatia who teaches the science and wisdom of Moses and the Egyptian the Egyptian Magi and Diviners. Order Reference MB-08  £340







Cagliostro III book together with Ectoplasmic Construction No. 485, gouache and aquarelle on yuppo medium (which allows the artist to move paint around on the surface before it dries) by Michael Bertiaux for Cagliostro II. 2019 (11.5cm x 15cm) Order Reference MB-09  £340







Cagliostro III book together with Spaceships' Invasion as seen Astrally over Lasalle County, Illinois. Acrylic and gouache on art carton paper. (13cm x 17.5cm) 2020 Signed twice. Alien incursion into human consciousness is a recurrent theme in the work of Bertiaux and Grant. Here the influence seems far from reassuring. Order Reference MB-10  £340







Cagliostro III book together with Transyuggothian Spirit Visitor to Séance at the A. Sc. (ie Absolute Science) Institute. Gouache and mixed media (painted collage) on canvas 2019. Signed twice and sigilised (9.5cm x 19cm). Yuggoth, a component of H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos, is an outer planet, sometimes identified with Pluto, which has been a staging point for ingress of Elder Races into our reality. For us, this being, coming from beyond Yuggoth, will be profoundly alien. Order Reference MB-11  £340








Cagliostro III book together with Face of Golem "Who Like to Come to our Séances"  acrylic on carton. (12.5cm x 15cm) Signed twice. The creation of a Golem, the magical servitor born of kabbalistic magic, is a central theme of Cagliostro III. Order Reference MB-12  £340







Cagliostro III book together with To Build Up Ectoplasm to Manifest Spirit Guide Zozo, Byzanto-Ritual Masque of Séance Visitor No.2, acrylic on canvas. (11cm x 18.5cm) Slight creases in the canvas augment rather than detract from the painting. Signed twice. Zozo, with the name spelt thus, first entered human consciousness in 1816 in France as one of three demons who possessed a girl, written about by de Plancy in the Infernal Dictinary. Since then he/she/it has apparently communicated through ouija boards and in 2012 a film was made, My Name is Zozo, referencing such appearances. Some have associated Zozo with Zoso, the symbol used by Jimmy Page on the untitled Led Zepplin album which is believed to derive from The Grimoire of the Red Dragon where it is a component of a Saturnine sigil.  There is speculation that it may relate to Pazuzu the Babylonian king of the demons of the winds who has a cameo in the Exorcist film. Order Reference MB-13  £340









Other New Books by Michael Bertiaux

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Cagliostro, The Secret Lives, Vol.I, Media Print Editore 2021. Edited and produced by Roberto Migliussi. Each copy hand numbered, Large format paperback 19cm x 27cm  134pp  32 coloured illustrations of Bertiaux's occult art.  Order Reference MB-14 £43.75 


Cagliostro, The Secret Lives, Vol.II, Media Print Editore 2021. Edited and produced by Roberto Migliussi. Each copy hand numbered, Large format paperback 19cm x 27cm  158pp  36 coloured illustrations of Bertiaux's occult art.   This volume provides interesting cultural context for the series of workings, Order Reference MB-15 £43.75


Master Aquarius, Michael Bertiaux, Monastery of the Seven Rays, First Year Course, Introduction to Occultism and Astral and Luciferian Magnetism and Voodoo. Media Print Editore 2019. Paperback 291pp Gives the instructions for the first four degrees of the magical system. Some illustrations. Bertiaux writes as the Master M. Aquarius and his chela Racine in a series of lessons clearly meant to have been sent out one at a time. The course commences with lessons addressed to someone with an interest but no knowledge in occultism and goes on to give instruction in an original, coherent and quite complex system of magical work. There is discussion of sex magic, but it is not yet part of the curriculum. Order Reference MB-15  £35


Master Aquarius, Michael Bertiaux, Monastery of the Seven Rays, Second Year Course, in Sexual Magic. Media Print Editore 2021. Paperback 230pp Chapter headings include:-

  On the Nature of the Iconosphere

  The Ontic Origins of Sex Magic

  Voodoo Cabala and the Foundations of the Seven Rays, Sexual Initiation in Voodoo

  Hebdomads and the Analysis of the Concept of Syszgy

  Possession and Sexual Magic in Legbha Metaphysics

  The Cosmological Origins of Sexual Magic

  The Feminine Cycle - From Venus to Mars

  Introduction to Deductive Sexual Magic

  The Experimentation of Sexual Magic

  Mystical Marriage and the Four Elements

  The Astrosophy of Sexual Substances

  Meditations on the Tattwas

  The Projections of Sexual Magic

Order Reference MB-16  £35





Original Unpublished Occult Documents

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Michael Bertiaux, The Course in Mysteries and Orgies, Paper Number 3 "The Rites of Pluto" 1982 1pp American letter format. 10 point plan for a ritual magickal orgy. A very dark and extreme ritual. Order Reference MB-17   £120


Michael Bertiaux, Choronzon Club, Headquarter's Daath, The Rites of Pluto - Theatre-des-Images, 1982. 1pp American letter format.  Invitation to a celebration of Pluto held at "Emergency Theatre" Lists 38 categories of guests such as sexually obsessed hoodlums, Luciferian magicians, gangsters and laxative manufacturers, mortician workers,  punk rockers and firebugs, sadists and masochists etc etc. who are invited to come and "do your thing" and thereby "add your own magical and occult energy to the field of Plutonian power". One wonders what the party was like! It would be interesting! Order Reference MB-18   £125


Courtney Willis, Opening and Closing of the Gates, O.T.O.A. / Technicians of the Sacred 1989 typescript 5 loose sheets printed on one side. Unpublished. O.T.O.A. ritual for initiation voodoo gnostic contact with the astral world. Written by Bertiaux's then deputy in O.T.O.A. etc. Order Reference MB-19   £95


The Liturgy of the Holy Orthodox Church in America, Michael Bertiaux. Not dated. Plastic covers, comb binding holding 26 sheets printed on one side. Title page has:- The Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom abridged and arranged by Most Reverend Theodutus…published by the Holy Orthodox Church in America. This is a Byzantine sacred text formulated for use by the independent eastern orthodox church founded by the Rosicrucian George Winslow Plummer. In the Unknown God Martin Starr  argues that it was Plummer, thought by some to be  a renegade priest of the Roman rite, rather than Reuss who ordained Crowley allowing him to operate the E.G.C. Ordination in the varied currents of Gnostic churches is an important dimension of Bertiaux's work. Some marks to cover Order Reference MB-20 £125




A Secondhand Book

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Michael Bertiaux, Vûdû Cartography, The Autobiography of Michael Houdeaux, Fulgur 2010 1st Ed Landscape format hardback 175pp, many coloured illustrations. A stunningly good book, a heady marriage of art and text by the most substantial of living occultist authors superbly realised in a delight of astute book design.  This is one 88 copies deluxe copies signed by the author and bound in half morocco (but an unusual arrangement - half the boards (but not the corners) are literally covered in leather. In sturdy cloth bound slipcase that is subtly blocked All components near Mint Order Reference MB-21 £300